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When hard drive data seems lost forever, the experts at HDD Recovery Services are here to perform the impossible. Hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of data has been entrusted to us by everyday users and IT professionals after hard drive crashes, physical damage or damage due to a natural disaster. When we receive the drive immediately after the damage, most, if not all, of the lost data can still be recovered.hard drive recovery
We never ask you to commit to out service blindly. Our process begins with a verified diagnostic report that explains how recoverable your data is. You only purchase our recovery service after viewing the report and deciding if the recovery is right for your needs. We continue to stay in close contact with you during the full recovery process. On top of all of that, you will be able to review the results of the recovery prior to release of data to make sure everything is up to your expectations.

HDD Recovery Services is a leader in hard drive recovery solutions. We are able to work on any type of hard drive, including 3.5″, 2.5″, 1.8″ drives with SATA, IDE, or even with a proprietary USB3.0 interface, like WD PASSPORT. We don’t care what the make, model, brand or interface is. We’ll use our advanced hard drive recovery tools to pull off every byte of recoverable data possible.

The story behind hard drive recovery

Data loss is classified into two main categories – logical and mechanical. Logical failures mean the hard drive itself is still working, but a logical error has occurred such as accidental reformatting or a lost partition.

Mechanical failures cause the hard drive to stop functioning. Head crashes, motor failures and damaged platters are all common causes.

Hard drives fail due to a variety of factors. The most common reasons we encounter include power surges, human error, physical damage, overwriting, viruses and natural disasters. Any drive damage can result in data loss.

Coming back from any hard drive failure

donor inventory for hard drive recovery processHDD Recovery Services doesn’t just replace a few parts and hand the drive back to you. Our engineers work their magic with state of the art hard drive recovery tools while following our proprietary processes. The result is thousands of satisfied customers who’ve had their valuable data recovered. We invest in continuous research and development to create the most successful hard drive recovery processes.
With over 10 years of experience, we’ve mastered techniques and uncovered the best tools such as working in a cleanroom environment, using advanced drive imaging equipment, working with proprietary tools and thousands of donor hard drives to use for parts in our inventory. All of these lead to the most complete data recovery possible.
Don’t trust your data to inexperienced providers or even try to recover it yourself. This could lead to further, irreparable damage.

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The largest French-language college in Ontario

The largest French-language college in Ontario

When our external hard drive was found unresponsive, the staff at HDD Recovery Services was very helpful in solving our crises. We we're able to recover 100% of the data on the fail disk. Thank' for the great service.

- Mathieu Fortin