When memory card disaster strikes…

Photos are meant to last a lifetime. With most people storing all of their precious memories on SD Cards, CF Cards, and other digital media, it’s catastrophic when the device fails and you lose access to all of your photos. Your pictures can be taken away as quickly as the photo itself was snapped. Suddenly, all your photos are gone as quickly as you snapped a single picture. Despite their importance, data loss with photo cards is all too common. This is especially true if you’re an avid photographer and use your card often. That’s why thousands of digital camera users and even professional photographers trust HDD Recovery Services to recover their once in a lifetime shots.
We’re highly experienced with all problems associated with video and photo recovery. While we can’t guarantee data recovery, we do guarantee the chances of recovery are high when you work with us. With an excellent track record of working with digital cameras and memory cards, your best bet of recovering your photos and videos is with us. Whether it’s repairing the file system after corruption or replacing chips after a fall, we will do everything we can to get your files back to you safe and sound.

Whether you’ve lost, deleted or damaged the files or memory card in some way, in most cases our team is able to find proper solution to resolve your case. We work with all types of media possible, so it doesn’t matter where your images are stored, from SD cards to hard drives, we have you covered. We most commonly work with digital cameras, DSLRs, USB drives, computer hard drives and removable media.We know that the list of reasons for digital photo loss is almost endless, but odds are, we’ve handled the situation before. We’ve literally performed thousands of digital photo recovery procedures and successfully recovered the pictures so no memory is left behind. If the device or storage media itself is damaged, we can still recover the files. A common situation is when photos have been deleted either by accident or a virus. Many people believe that’s the end of their pictures, but it’s not. We can still recover the photos. Even natural disasters can’t stop our recovery methods.memory_rec_cf
It’s vital that you stop using the storage media or device as soon as the missing files or damage becomes apparent. The more you use the device, the worse the damage becomes. Trying to fix it yourself can also result in irreparable damage and permanently lost pictures. Contact HDD Recovery Services immediately for quick, cost-effective recovery. Depending on where the photos are stored, we may even be able to perform the recovery remotely, making it even more convenient.
Don’t leave your photos behind. Let us recover them for you today.

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Great service! Got all of my files back!

Great service! Got all of my files back!

My hard drive was almost 2tb full of files, and got knocked on to the floor by my cat. No computer recognized my hard drive when I plugged it in afterwards, so I thought all of my files were gone forever. I had a lot of very sentimental videos/images on there, so the thought of not getting them back was devastating. I brought my hard drive in to HDD recovery Services, and they managed to recover all of my files! I was so thrilled! They walked me through every step that they took, and recommended many ways to avoid it from happening again. So glad I went with HDD Recovery Services!

- Kelly Logan