About HDD Recovery Services


HDD began with a single mission. We wanted to help not only businesses, and government organizations, but individuals and families who had lost irreplaceable data. With so many data recovery services catering only to larger businesses, we built a data recovery company that caters to everyone. We felt that recovering data should be accessible and affordable, so no one had to simply settle with the loss of their files.

We still believe in those same principles today. With continuous investments in research and development, we’re able to offer state of the art, cost-effective data recovery services on almost every device and operating system. With our customer-centered approach, you always know what’s going on and when to expect your data back.

How we started

HDD Recovery Services first opened its doors in Ottawa, ON. We chose the nation’s capital because it’s one of the largest technological areas in the nation. As the Silicon Valley North, we couldn’t think of a better location to become a leader in data recovery. As the home of Parliament and numerous technology based companies, there is always a need for fast, cost-effective data recovery solutions.

We proudly handle all governmental, business and individual data loss issues. The government provides many of the jobs in the area, so it’s vital that any data loss issues be taken care of immediately. Our company offers efficient, high-quality data recovery to keep the government running and people working. At the same time, we know how precious family photos and personal documents are. That’s why we also work with families and individuals, so no one has to suffer the trauma of permanent data loss.

Our dedicated team always puts the needs of the customer first. From sensitive business documents to once in a lifetime memories caught on film, we know exactly what’s at stake. We’ve built our business on providing data recovery services unmatched by the competition. HDD is the only place to find fast recovery at affordable prices.

Our process

lab_cleanroomOur Ottawa facility offers a wide array of data recovery services that include hard drive data, laptop data recovery, specialized proprietary Macintosh recovery, RAID reconstruction, emergency Server recovery and recovery of Digital photography, videos and more. We offer both in-house and off-site recovery, depending on your needs.

Our process begins with a careful examination of the affected drive to determine the extent of the damage. We provide you with details on what data can be recovered, a time frame and what’s needed for recovery. Once you give us the go ahead, we get started immediately. If you choose not to proceed or we can’t recover your data, you pay nothing. We know how important your data is and we wish we could guarantee a full recovery each time. However, sometimes the damage is permanent and even our experts can’t recover it. Rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to recover as much data as possible.

Unmatched data recovery services

We are a leader in Ottawa data recovery services. Our long history of affordable pricing, stellar customer service and proprietary recovery tools make us the logical choice anytime your hard drive fails. At HDD, we’re always ready to help get your data back as quickly as possible.

We provide excellent, reliable services that won’t burden you financially or cause any added stress. While our competitors base their success just on the amount of data recovery, we base it on customer satisfaction and recovered data. We always treat each data recovery as if it were our own data. Contact HDD Recovery Services in Ottawa today and don’t live another day without your lost data.