You don’t have to lose your data

desktop_rec_wdHard drive crashes, viruses and physical damage aren’t enough to stop our experts at HDD Recovery Services from restoring your files. Thousands have trusted our proprietary processes and tools to retrieve the personal photos, videos and documents they thought they’d never see again. The key to a successful desktop recovery is to act quickly to minimize the damage.
We don’t just work with a few standard file types. We also recover and repair email, system files, disk errors, passwords and of course, files. In most cases, recovery can be completed immediately so you can get back to using your desktop and files.

Cutting edge desktop recovery services

HDD Recovery Services has an extensive team of customer support representatives, system engineers, hardware experts and software professionals to offer the most complete desktop and PC file recovery services possible. Our world-leading services provide you with the quickest, most successful recovery of inaccessible or lost data.

Unlike some recovery services, we work with every single desktop system. Have data loss issues on Windows, Mac, Linux or another operating system? We have you covered. Whether you have a new Dell or an old IBM, we can handle any make, model or brand you bring in. We also cater to both old and new drives.

Desktop data loss isn’t a one trick pony.

It occurs for a variety of reasons. We handle every issue possible, including, but not limited to:

  • Catastrophic data loss
  • Forgotten passwords
  • Viruses
  • Natural disasters
  • Accidental deletion
  • System crashes
  • File system corruption
  • Physical hardware failure

If you experience any signs of that a desktop hard drive is starting to fail, turn off the computer immediately and contact HDD Recovery Services today. Whether you’re hearing strange noises, experiencing unresponsiveness or see the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, minimize the damage by acting quickly. The sooner you act, the more complete the data recovery will be.

For immediate assistance call Toll Free: 1.855.366.4232 or
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My usb flash drive was dead

My usb flash drive was dead

A couple of days ago I found out the hard way that also memory sticks are finite. And because it never had crossed my mind that this was the case I off course never made a back-up. My worries became even greater when I was told that there was no usual way to recover the data and that they the likelihood was that they would be lost forever. Needless to say that I was so relieved to finally find a company all the way in Ottawa that could help me out. So I sent a message and after a phone call and Erik I felt reassured about the possible recuperation and about the confidentiality of the files and I sent him my stick and I got most of my data back. The service was fast and very friendly and very helpful. Also after I got my my data back and my invoice paid I sent him a file that was still corrupted and he managed to clear it with the assurance that I could send him other important files if needed and without any further billing. So I am very satisfied with the service and I can recommend HDD recovery.

- Francois Mombaers