Flash Drive Doesn’t Work Anymore?

Flash-based storage devices offer the ultimate portability, but it’s also resulted in new challenges for data recovery experts. As with any storage media, data loss is a possibility. No matter how careful you are with your SD card, USB drive or other flash storage device, physical damage and accidental deletion can and do happen.

Flash drive memory storage continues to grow

As devices become more mobile, the need for portable storage grows. Flash based storage is now the go to for easy file transfer between devices, storing files in mobile devices, saving files on digital cameras and much more. The small size, portability, improved power usage and ease of use have all contributed to media type’s popularity.
Even though these devices have a complete lack of mechanical parts, it doesn’t mean they can’t fail or be damaged. Since many consumers store important documents, photos and more on these devices, the need for quick data recovery is on the rise.

Brands that we highly support

  • SanDisk
  • Kingston
  • PNY
  • Lexar
  • Sony
  • Transcend
  • Corsair

Common causes of flash data loss

Human error, viruses, natural disasters, software corruption and physical damage are all common causes of data loss on flash storage devices. Dealing with flash memory chip density, line complexity, proprietary data organization and error correction code variables are just a few of the challenges data recovery experts face.
flasf_rec_repairHowever, HDD Recovery Services has over 10 of years experience analyzing data structures and performing cleanroom recoveries on most every single storage media type. By always investing my research and development, HDD Recovery services is always ready to handle every data loss situation, including flash storage devices.
Before you commit to any service with us, we provide a full diagnostic report listing all of the recoverable data. We always want you to make an informed decision before purchasing our services.

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My usb flash drive was dead

My usb flash drive was dead

A couple of days ago I found out the hard way that also memory sticks are finite. And because it never had crossed my mind that this was the case I off course never made a back-up. My worries became even greater when I was told that there was no usual way to recover the data and that they the likelihood was that they would be lost forever. Needless to say that I was so relieved to finally find a company all the way in Ottawa that could help me out. So I sent a message and after a phone call and Erik I felt reassured about the possible recuperation and about the confidentiality of the files and I sent him my stick and I got most of my data back. The service was fast and very friendly and very helpful. Also after I got my my data back and my invoice paid I sent him a file that was still corrupted and he managed to clear it with the assurance that I could send him other important files if needed and without any further billing. So I am very satisfied with the service and I can recommend HDD recovery.

- Francois Mombaers