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E-mail serves not only as a way to contact others, but as a record keeping system. Users store important conversations in carefully organized folders. email_rec_outlookHowever, e-mail systems aren’t immune to data loss. If the drive the messages are stored on is damaged or a virus infects the system, all those messages could be lost. HDD Recovery Services is the only data recovery provider with advanced services that recover lost files from most any e-mail system. Whether the files are lost, damaged or accidentally deleted, we’ll work tirelessly to recover them. We’ve spent over 10 years developing highly advanced tools and specialized techniques that are unmatched by other services. When you act quickly, we’re able to restore most, if not all, of your e-mail files including messages and contacts.

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mail_rec_macWe’re a leader in e-mail recovery solutions and offer the industry’s most complete data recovery services possible. HDD Recovery Services uses proprietary tools and processes to recover data from a variety of e-mail platforms. E-mail data is often lost or corrupted during system upgrades, file transfers, accidental deletion and viruses. Another common problem is power surges or outages as files are being sent or moved. You don’t have to settle for lost e-mail data. We work to recover sensitive messages as quickly as possible. Whether your Exchange Server or other e-mail server crashes, a hard drive fails or another issue occurs, we’re able to handle any situation. The moment anything happens to compromise or damage your e-mail data, contact us immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the damage could become. We don’t recommend trying to recover the data yourself. A single mis-step could permanently delete recoverable data. Contact the specialists at HDD Recovery Services to retrieve as much of your e-mail data as possible.

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My usb flash drive was dead

My usb flash drive was dead

A couple of days ago I found out the hard way that also memory sticks are finite. And because it never had crossed my mind that this was the case I off course never made a back-up. My worries became even greater when I was told that there was no usual way to recover the data and that they the likelihood was that they would be lost forever. Needless to say that I was so relieved to finally find a company all the way in Ottawa that could help me out. So I sent a message and after a phone call and Erik I felt reassured about the possible recuperation and about the confidentiality of the files and I sent him my stick and I got most of my data back. The service was fast and very friendly and very helpful. Also after I got my my data back and my invoice paid I sent him a file that was still corrupted and he managed to clear it with the assurance that I could send him other important files if needed and without any further billing. So I am very satisfied with the service and I can recommend HDD recovery.

- Francois Mombaers