Earn big with HDD Recovery Services

handshakeWant to expand your available services, satisfy more of your customers, and start earning some serious money at the same time? Become a reseller of our top-grade data recovery services via our Partnership Program and you can:

  • Earn 15% commissions for all business you send our way, or charge whatever you’d like on top of our fixed rate.
  • Offer your customers a top-grade service from our state-of-the-art facility located in Ottawa, Canada, and serving customers all across North America.
  • Proven track record of success recovering critical files from a wide variety of devices, ranging from DVDs to large enterprise-grade data arrays.

What is the HDD Recovery Services partnership program?

HDD Recovery Services’ Partnership Program provides you with a white label data recovery service that will make a fine addition to any existing computer repair or tech support business.We repair hard drives of all kinds, and recover their data right here in Canada. With our fully equipped clean room and experienced staff, you don’t have to worry about providing questionable work, or the risk involved with shipping a sensitive hard disk half way across the globe.Send customers to our main laboratory in Ottawa, Ontario and earn a flat 15% of all business they generate. Alternatively, manage the accounts yourself, hand the hard drives over to us for repair, and charge whatever you’d like on top of our fixed rates.

How do I join?

Becoming a partner is easy – click here to submit a brief application. One of our consultants will be assigned to your account and in touch with you shortly to set up your account, and get you rolling with everything you need to start earning with the HDD Data Recovery Partnership Program.

CLICK HERE to to become our certified partner today !

Great service! Got all of my files back!

Great service! Got all of my files back!

My hard drive was almost 2tb full of files, and got knocked on to the floor by my cat. No computer recognized my hard drive when I plugged it in afterwards, so I thought all of my files were gone forever. I had a lot of very sentimental videos/images on there, so the thought of not getting them back was devastating. I brought my hard drive in to HDD recovery Services, and they managed to recover all of my files! I was so thrilled! They walked me through every step that they took, and recommended many ways to avoid it from happening again. So glad I went with HDD Recovery Services!

- Kelly Logan