Enterprise level hard drives fail too

server_rec_wdAnytime a server or network storage device goes down, it costs your organization money. Extended periods of downtime leads to thousands or even millions of dollars in lost profit. HDD Recovery Services is your company’s saving grace. Our engineers have a proven track record of helping businesses bounce back quickly from data loss and server crashes.We understand the importance of quick, in-depth recovery.
We handle all of your server and network storage recovery issues including:

  • File server recovery
  • Application server restoration
  • Retrieve lost web server data
  • Virtual server data recovery
  • RAID, NAS and SAN system recovery

Data recovery solutions that businesses turn to

We’ve worked for over 10 years to create own our proprietary data recovery technology while building an unbeatable team of recovery experts. As a result, HDD Recovery Services is a leader in server recovery, delivering high-quality consistent results.
We work with almost every type of server storage system, situation and configuration. It is our mission to recover inaccessible data as efficiently as possible to save your company money. Our experience includes every brand and model of server. We work with Oracle, SQL, HP, Dell and many more.
Our recovery services include every operating system and all types of RAID configurations. We can recovery virtual data from any type of virtualized and vmware configurations. It doesn’t matter what type of storage or interface you use. From DAS to fibre channel and everything in between, we truly work with any server data loss issue you might have.
Server data loss can be extremely simple or a highly complex issue. Whether your business’s is dealing with data loss from a power surge, natural disaster, virus, physical damage or logical failures, HDD Recovery Services is the answer to your problem.
We understand the importance of keeping proprietary data in-house at all times. We offer on-site data recovery solutions to handle data loss on complex and proprietary systems. Our trained team of engineers and developers provide custom services to recovery your server data.
We don’t just work with small or medium businesses. We work with enterprise storage systems designed specifically for large-scale, high-technology environments. No matter what your server data loss needs, we are here to recover your critical data and get your company back online.

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UBS drive recovery

UBS drive recovery

Quite pleased - got a difficult job done with attentive, professional service at a fair price.

- John D. Cameron