Dropped your laptop? No worries …

laptop_rec_hddPortability comes with the added risk of physical damage. Laptop are bumped, dropped and jarred on a regular basis. Every jolt is a risk for hard drive damage that could result in data loss. Even the most challenging laptop data loss problems are no match for the HDD Recovery Services data recovery experts. Their extensive experience gives them the edge they need to overcome hard drive damage and recover your data.
Our experts analyze your laptop drive before beginning the recovery process. We’re able to determine what data can and cannot be recovered and provide you with a detailed report. We only begin after receiving your authorization. With us, if we can’t recover your data, you don’t pay a thing.

Variety Of Laptop Recovery Services

Whether it’s logical or mechanical, we offer a wide variety of recovery services to get your data back to you quickly. We’ve worked with every laptop data loss situation and have advanced recovery techniques in place to recover as much data as possible. If you notice or experience any of the following problems, data loss for your laptop hard drive is a possibility and should be checked immediately:

  • Viruses
  • Unusual noises, especially grinding or clicking
  • Unresponsive, even after a restart
  • Blue screen of death

If you suspect damage or experience signs that your laptop is failing, turn it off immediately. Any further use could cause damage that’s beyond even our expert capabilities. While it may be tempting, don’t try to tackle the problem yourself. The best thing you can do for your laptop and data is to seek help from the recovery specialists at HDD Recovery Services.

How Not to Lose Your Data Permanently

We’ve had customers permanently lose data because they didn’t turn to professionals for help.
Our recommendation is to:

  • Never restart your laptop
  • Do not run system restore
  • Do not install, re-install or uninstall any software
  • Do not handle, remove or clean a potentially damaged hard drive
  • Do not use file recovery or hard drive diagnostic utilities to restore data
  • Do not try to dry a wet laptop
  • Never use a physically damaged laptop

HDD Recovery Services’ R&D team works closely with all the major laptop manufacturers to gain the expertise necessary to perform successful recoveries. Whether the hard drive is damaged or files have been accidentally deleted, our specialized tools and processes are there to save you.

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My usb flash drive was dead

My usb flash drive was dead

A couple of days ago I found out the hard way that also memory sticks are finite. And because it never had crossed my mind that this was the case I off course never made a back-up. My worries became even greater when I was told that there was no usual way to recover the data and that they the likelihood was that they would be lost forever. Needless to say that I was so relieved to finally find a company all the way in Ottawa that could help me out. So I sent a message and after a phone call and Erik I felt reassured about the possible recuperation and about the confidentiality of the files and I sent him my stick and I got most of my data back. The service was fast and very friendly and very helpful. Also after I got my my data back and my invoice paid I sent him a file that was still corrupted and he managed to clear it with the assurance that I could send him other important files if needed and without any further billing. So I am very satisfied with the service and I can recommend HDD recovery.

- Francois Mombaers