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HDD Recovery Services stands apart from the competition with our proprietary technology, unmatched resources and ability to offer data recovery services for even the most complex situations. While many providers aren’t capable of full RAID data recovery services, we have over 10 years experience to solve the technical expertise to recover data from RAID arrays.

Complex RAID Recovery Made Simple


We use a combination of highly advanced recovery tools and techniques to access lost data from all types of RAID systems. We repair, recover and rebuild the data carefully to minimize loss and restore as much data as possible.

We work all RAID levels, controllers and architectures. Recovery isn’t limited to specific manufacturers or hard drive types. No matter what drives make up your array, we’re able to salvage your data. IT professionals have trusted us for years to recover their data in any situation. From simple human error to catastrophic physical damage from mechanical failures or natural disasters, our team of experts has seen and successfully worked with it all.

Types of RAID configurations we can reconstruct:

  • RAID 0 – Block-level striping without parity or mirroring
  • RAID 1 – Mirroring without parity or striping
  • RAID 3 – Byte-level striping with dedicated parity
  • RAID 4 – Block-level striping with dedicated parity
  • RAID 5 – Block-level striping with distributed parity
  • RAID 6 – Reed-Solomon
  • RAID 10 – Mirroring without parity, and block-level striping

RAID Usage And Recovery Tips

You can help minimize data loss risk and improve the chances of a full data recovery should the worst happen by following a few usage guidelines:

  • Backup data before any software or hardware changes
  • Never run system utilities such as a volume repair or defragmenter on damaged drives
  • Avoid volume repair utilities in power loss situations if the file system doesn’t look right, data is inaccessible or any drive is unmountable
  • Completely format and zero out a replacement drive in a RAID system
  • Label each drive with their position in the RAID array
  • Turn off a drive immediately if any drive is making unusual noises

HDD Recovery Services offers the capacity necessary to handle the large and complex nature of RAID recoveries. Choosing a provider without the resources or expertise in RAID data loss situations only results in further data loss. When you work with us, your data is in good hands.

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My usb flash drive was dead

My usb flash drive was dead

A couple of days ago I found out the hard way that also memory sticks are finite. And because it never had crossed my mind that this was the case I off course never made a back-up. My worries became even greater when I was told that there was no usual way to recover the data and that they the likelihood was that they would be lost forever. Needless to say that I was so relieved to finally find a company all the way in Ottawa that could help me out. So I sent a message and after a phone call and Erik I felt reassured about the possible recuperation and about the confidentiality of the files and I sent him my stick and I got most of my data back. The service was fast and very friendly and very helpful. Also after I got my my data back and my invoice paid I sent him a file that was still corrupted and he managed to clear it with the assurance that I could send him other important files if needed and without any further billing. So I am very satisfied with the service and I can recommend HDD recovery.

- Francois Mombaers