Hard Drive Recycling

The Right Way to Dispose of a Hard Drive

Are you a firm believer in recycling old technology in order to reduce environmental harm? Have you donated old computers to local services in order to avoid having them wind up in landfills of your hometown? When you get rid of an old computer, you may not realize that the hard drive may provide all kinds of information to anyone that gets hold of it.

In fact, even if the hard drive appears to have failed, someone can simply put it into another computer and use data recovery software to pull information from the drive. Unfortunately, no matter how you look at it, disposing of a hard drive can leave you vulnerable to identity theft and many other problems if you don’t take an important step first.

An Introduction to Data Wiping and Destruction

Chances are, you’ve deleted all kinds of files over the years from your computer. You may also be familiar with a number of different programs that shred electronic data signatures in order to make sure the data cannot be retrieved. In most cases, these programs will not truly clear the information from the hard drive.

In fact, you need the kind of data wiping technologies used by the Department of Defence in order to truly feel confident about data destruction. Typically, you cannot find these programs in home based solutions.

Why It is Important

Consider a situation where you decided to buy a new computer, and now have an old hard drive hanging around. If you aren’t going to use it, then you may find yourself wondering if someone else can. No matter whether you are planning to donate the drive to a community technology drive, or some other resource, data wiping will ensure your important information never falls into someone else’s hands.

Here at HDD Recovery Services we know that information is an incredibly valuable commodity. We also realize that each hard drive represents important natural resources as well as a sacrifice of some part of nature.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to providing Department of Defense level data wiping services in Ottawa, ON at absolutely no cost. Simply bring in your old hard drives or mail them to our lab regardless of their condition. We will remove all the data from them, and then refurbish them for use in other systems. Give us a call today at (613) 366-4232 to find out more about our services and how they can help you live a greener life.

Great service! Got all of my files back!

Great service! Got all of my files back!

My hard drive was almost 2tb full of files, and got knocked on to the floor by my cat. No computer recognized my hard drive when I plugged it in afterwards, so I thought all of my files were gone forever. I had a lot of very sentimental videos/images on there, so the thought of not getting them back was devastating. I brought my hard drive in to HDD recovery Services, and they managed to recover all of my files! I was so thrilled! They walked me through every step that they took, and recommended many ways to avoid it from happening again. So glad I went with HDD Recovery Services!

- Kelly Logan

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To ensure you walk away happy, with recovered intact, we offer all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we come up short in anyway, between evaluation of your hard drive and the delivery of your recovered files, we will either make it work or refund 100% of all labor costs. No questions asked.
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Pour assurez que vous étes heureux avec vos données intact, on offrent nos clients une garantie 100% satisfaction. Si vous trouver que entre l’évaluation gratuit est la livraison de vos données on a faite gaffe, on est prêt a réctifier la situation ou faire remboursement a 100% sur les mains d’oeuvres sans questions.