Is This What Happened to Your Laptop?

We See Damaged Laptop Hard Drives Everyday

At HDD Recovery Services, we receive a wide variety of damaged hard drives. We commonly work on issues like the one below where a computer is dropped and the hard drive suddenly stops working. With situations like this, we’re usually able to recover part or all of the data on the drive. The following is how one customer described their experience with us:

Here is What Happened to One of Our Customers

I admit I always heard people talk about losing their data when their computer crashed, but I never thought anything would happen to my Macbook Pro. I’m an architect and do all my work on this one computer. All my files are stored on the hard drive and I’ve set it to backup once a month. I thought this was often enough to keep me safe.

It wasn’t until I was in the middle of one of my biggest projects that I discovered monthly backups aren’t enough. I’d spent three grueling weeks on this project, starting just after my last backup. I accidentally bumped my Macbook in reaching for some files and knocked it off my desk. I grabbed it and hoped for the best.

Sadly, all I got in return was a clicking noise from the Fujitsu hard drive inside. I couldn’t access any files. I panicked. Everything for my project was gone in just a few seconds. My first thought was to take it to the Apple store. However, after looking at it, they couldn’t do anything but replace the drive. I desperately needed data recovered, so I started researching data recovery companies on Yelp.

Luckily, I discovered HDD Recovery Services. Their impressive reviews and no data no fee policy led me to contact them. They analyzed my drive and provided a detailed quote on what was needed. They even offered an amazing 48 hour turnaround time.

Free Consultation Over the Phone

The problem was a damaged head in the drive itself. They walked me through the entire procedure so I’d understand what was necessary. I loved the personal touch and customer service. They explained everything so I could understand it without getting into complicated technical jargon.

Data Recovery Process

The first step was to test it. They heard the same clicking noise as I did. This meant damaged heads. They used other compatible drives and extracted working heads to use in my damaged drive. After replacing the heads, they went through an imaging process to see if any data was corrupted. I was thrilled to find out all of my data was recoverable.

Data Recovery Success Rate on Laptop Drives

They stated around 90% of drives like mine are at least partially recoverable. For me, I had all of my files back in just two days. HDD Recovery Services put my data on a new hard drive and I was back to work quickly. Thanks to them, I didn’t have to explain to my client why I had to start over on their project.

If you’re hearing clicking sounds on your own hard drive, do what this client did

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When our external hard drive was found unresponsive, the staff at HDD Recovery Services was very helpful in solving our crises. We we're able to recover 100% of the data on the fail disk. Thank' for the great service.

- Mathieu Fortin

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To ensure you walk away happy, with recovered intact, we offer all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we come up short in anyway, between evaluation of your hard drive and the delivery of your recovered files, we will either make it work or refund 100% of all labor costs. No questions asked.
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Pour assurez que vous étes heureux avec vos données intact, on offrent nos clients une garantie 100% satisfaction. Si vous trouver que entre l’évaluation gratuit est la livraison de vos données on a faite gaffe, on est prêt a réctifier la situation ou faire remboursement a 100% sur les mains d’oeuvres sans questions.