Flash Drive not Recognized?

Flash Drive Recovery with NAND Swap Well, that’s it. You’re done. You’ve plugged in your flash drive a dozen times, with nothing to show for your efforts but “flash drive not recognized.” Actually, the screen taunted you with ”flash drive not responding” the first time, and that certainly didn’t help. You’ve used this USB drive

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Passport Data Recovery – Slow Response

How to Solve Most Common WD Problem In recent years, we’ve seen a major increase in Western Digital hard drives having “slow response” and “pending” issues. Here at HDD Recovery Services, we’ve seen the most problems come from MyBook and My Passport drives. Sometimes, this can be a complex issue to work through as the

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Physical Damage

What Happens When the Drive is Dropped We rely on our computers day after day to interact with friends, run business, create and edit documents, listen to music and view priceless photos. As a result, your hard drive is full of irreplaceable files. What would you do if something happened to it? You probably have

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WD Passport not Recognized

WD – Facts You Should Know We all love portable hard drives for their ease of use and additional storage capacity. Since almost everyone nowadays has a laptop, with a limited storage capacity, it can be quickly filled with downloads, movies, music, photographs. Without using external storage device, your internal hard drive can get overstuffed,

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Hard Drive Recycling

The Right Way to Dispose of a Hard Drive Are you a firm believer in recycling old technology in order to reduce environmental harm? Have you donated old computers to local services in order to avoid having them wind up in landfills of your hometown? When you get rid of an old computer, you may

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Meaningful Media

How Not to Lose Your Meaningful Data Few things are more precious than one’s memories. We all like to collect family photos, home movies, and records of experiences, information, and stories to keep the memories alive. In the past, these items were stored on paper in a box in the closet, but today’s memorabilia is

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USB Flash Drive Not Recognized

Flash Drive Recovery We use flash drives every day to transfer files between computers, backup files or even as a portable operating system. The convenient size and compatibility between most devices have helped them replace many other forms of removable media such as floppy disks and CDs for basic file storage. As much as we

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Is This What Happened to Your Laptop?

We See Damaged Laptop Hard Drives Everyday At HDD Recovery Services, we receive a wide variety of damaged hard drives. We commonly work on issues like the one below where a computer is dropped and the hard drive suddenly stops working. With situations like this, we’re usually able to recover part or all of the

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The world’s most comprehensive range of magnetic resonance and preclinical imaging instrumentation

The world's most comprehensive range of magnetic resonance and preclinical imaging instrumentation

We had a sandisk flashdrive break on us with some recent data from a lengthy experiment. When I took it apart I had assistance from HDD Recovery re-wiring a new connector on so we could extract the data. Erik from HDD Recovery responded very quickly with a couple very key tips to help me finish the job. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!

- Bryce Smith

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